What are the Responsibilities of Different HOA Board Officers?

What are the Responsibilities of Different HOA Board Officers?

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HOAs are essential for maintaining the standards of excellence created by your community. 


From public utilities to enforcing community rules, HOAs make sure your neighborhood is a place of order and harmony.  


Despite the importance of HOAs, very few people know how they are governed, let alone what the governing body does to maintain the community.  


In this post, we will go over the different roles of HOA officers and their typical responsibilities.  


HOA Board Member Positions 


Every HOA is unique depending on the size, and type of community it represents.  


Regardless of the specifics of each HOA, every HOA board shares similar attributes.  


HOA boards are made up of elected volunteers that create and enforce rules and ensure that community members are properly represented. 


Here are some of the most common roles on HOA Boards: 




The President is the most involved member of the board.  


They oversee all major projects and operations, including running meetings and directing business affairs. 


Vice President 


The Vice President, or VP, acts in place of the president when they are unavailable.  


The VP is familiar with all the President’s duties and all major operations of the HOA.  


They help run the meetings and can often be found running the more important HOA committees.  


The VP ensures that the President’s agenda is on course and that there is harmony in the community.  




The Secretary is the HOA’s historian. 


They are responsible for taking meeting minutes and all major clerical work.  


The Secretary is responsible for informing all community members of meetings and new rules.  


They make sure that all documents are prepared for appropriate parties such as lawyers, real estate and mortgage companies, and more.  


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the HOA is transparent and that all its operations are following laws and outside forces.  




The Treasurer oversees the money.  


The Treasurer will look over records to ensure financial accuracy and that the board is accountable for any actions that they approve.  


They manage all major accounts and contractors and create a detailed budget at the beginning of every year.  


If the HOA outsources its financial work to an outside accountant, the treasurer is responsible for working with that accountant to ensure that all financial projects are completed on time and following the HOA's bylaws.  


The Treasurer makes sure that all funds are managed properly and that every major initiative is properly funded for maximum chance of success.  


Better Board Members for Better HOAs 


To properly function, every HOA needs a well-qualified board.  


The board has many responsibilities but primarily focuses on enforcing all rules and regulations, ensuring the community works for everyone.  


While the board members are often committed members of the community, focused on making their neighborhoods a better place, sometimes they need an extra hand.  


That’s where Management Plus comes in. 


Management Plus is South-West Ohio’s premier community management company. We put the needs of the community members first to build a better HOA that works for everyone.  


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