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A house. The text reads, "The Importance of Regular Property Inspections"

The Importance of Regular Property Inspections

December 11, 2023  |  HOA Tips, Property Inspections, Property Tips

Regular property inspections are one of the most important parts of community maintenance. Property inspections are a holistic approach where different elements of the home are looked at by professionals to determine how various systems work together. This is how the health of the community is determined and catastrophic breakdowns are prevented.  

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An outdoor deck with lawn furniture

Increasing Property Value of Your Association: Usability of Outdoor Spaces

As a community manager or HOA board member, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve the property value of your association. One of the most cost-effective ways to make your community association a more attractive option for potential homebuyers is to increase the usability of outdoor spaces in your HOA.  

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Aerial view of a neighborhood

How to Increase the Property Value of Your Community Association

No matter the size or scope of your community association, there are always measures you can take to increase the property value.  

For some communities, this means adding new attractions and initiatives, and for others, this means improving upon the assets that already exist.  

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A push lawn mower in grass

Increase the Property Value of Your Association with Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the best things you can do to improve the appeal of your association and increase property value throughout the community. Regular landscaping shows that your association invests in the neighborhood and cares about the quality of life of the residents. Because of this, more people will want to move into those houses that are for sale and property value will continuously increase.

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Someone putting a trash bag into a trash can

How do I Maintain my HOA Common Areas?

Common areas are some of the most treasured and valuable parts of your HOA.  


They are places for community members to gather and bond over fun activities.  


Maintaining your HOA common spaces is key if you want to keep your HOA value high and your members happy.

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Increase Property Value of Your Association with Activities and Events for Residents

Increase Property Value of Your Association with Activities and Events for Residents

You love your community!  

It is the place you, your family, and your neighbors call home. Your community is where you have honed your passions, bonded with your friends and family, and learned more about yourself.  

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