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Blog Entries - Aug. 2021

Yellow, white, and blue background with an overlay pattern of blue illustrations of tools (hammers, saw, etc.). A white test box on the left side of the graphic reads 'Property Maintenance Tips for Summer'

Property Maintenance Tips for Summer

August 31, 2021  |  Property Tips

Property Maintenance Tips for Summer   What to do with Warm Weather   You’re running out of time.   With summer ending (all too soon) your window for performing property maintenance in the mild weather is

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A photo of a row of houses, an overlay of text in a circular text box reads 'A Guide to HOA's and how to get involved'

A Homeowner's Guide to HOAs

Welcome to the Club   Homeowners’ Associations (or HOAs) get a bad rap. Often depicted in TV and other media as a conniving collective of neighborhood control freaks, the reality of what an HOA does and how it

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Close up of three men standing over a table, 2 of them shaking hands with an overlay of text that reads: Advantages of Having a community Manager

Advantages of Having a Community Manager

August 3, 2021  |  Community Manager Purpose

In recent years, many community associations have been making the shift from volunteers to professional managers and staff. These professionals create a strong sense of community within their entire property via

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