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Blog Entries - Aug. 2023

A row of colorful homes. The text reads "What is a Neighborhood Watch Program? Pros and Cons"

What is a Neighborhood Watch Program? Pros and Cons

A Neighborhood Watch Program is an organized effort to prevent crime and enhance community security. It is a crime prevention program where residents work together with law enforcement, to keep watch over each other's homes and properties, and report suspicious or criminal activities. The main purpose of a Neighborhood Watch Program is to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in the community. 

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People sitting around in a circle, having a meeting. The text reads "Reasons to Join Your HOA Board"

Reasons to Join Your HOA Board

August 14, 2023  |  Community, HOA Board Members

Everyone wants to improve their community. 


There is little that is better than building a better life for your family and your neighborhood residents and if you live in an HOA then one of the most effective things you can do to make a profound change in your neighborhood is to run for your community's board

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A man on a ladder up against a house, installing siding. The text reads "Getting Approval for Home Renovations in an HOA Community"

Getting Approval for Home Renovations in an HOA Community

August 7, 2023  |  HOA Community, Renovations, Tips and Tools

Every homeowner wants to renovate their property or house in some way. Whether the goal of the renovation is to make their home more attractive when it comes time to sell, or to make improvements for their own personal use, for homes that exist in HOAs, some renovations are against community rules. 

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