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Blog Entries - Nov. 2022

preparing budgets for HOAs and Condo Associations with 2 individuals

Tips for Preparing Budgets for HOAs and Condo Associations

As a board member of your HOA, you work tirelessly to make sure your community has the tools and funding to expand and thrive.  


However, we all know that preparing an annual budget for an HOA or condo association can feel like a major chore.  

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5 things to know before moving in

Five Things You Must Know Before Moving into a Community with an HOA

November 14, 2022  |  Community, HOA Meetings

You’re all ready for your big move.  


You are selling your old house and looking at a few different options for your new home.  

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FAQs and How to Enforce Them

HOA Parking Rules 101: FAQs and How to Enforce Them

Maintaining order in the community is one of the chief duties of every HOA.  


As a board member, one of your responsibilities that affects everyone is how you manage community parking.  

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