Condo Association Management

Condo Association Managers in Cincinnati 

Management Plus is your full-service condo association management firm in Cincinnati, Ohio. Your condo association is a community built on consistency and a high standard of living. That is why it is so important to have full-service management that protects the needs of your residents and board members.

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Full-Service Condo Management 

Condo associations are designed for residents who want a cozy, manageable space while still feeling connected to their city and community. Because of that, it is important that every resident follows the agreed-upon rules laid out by the condo association charter.  

Full-Service Condo Management offers your condo association organization on all things physical, financial, and administrative to ensure that the high standards of the community are met without overloading or exhausting board members. That means your community can stay up to date on pressing tasks and regular maintenance while also getting the benefit of expert financial advice and efficient administrative processes.  

Management Plus has helped dozens of condo associations in the Cincinnati area discover sustainable success that works for their residents and board members. It all starts with a full-service condo management partnership driven by expert leadership.

Personal Condo Association Manager 

Your condo association can thrive with expert association management from Management Plus. Our community or portfolio managers know what it takes to create custom solutions for your community based on the needs of your residents and board members. It starts with financial management and a reliable maintenance schedule and continues with a bespoke plan that sets your association up for long-term success.  

What are some of the major advantages of partnering with a full-service condo association management group? 

  • Expert knowledge of negotiating bids and contracts for community common space and utility maintenance. 

  • Dedication to finding the best community services for your budget.  

  • An efficient record maintenance system. 

  • Experience with preparing operating budgets for Operating and Reserve funds and guiding your condo association through short-term and long-term planning. 

  • Organizing condo association meetings for efficiency and success. 

  • Performing accounts payable and receiving duties of the association.  

  • Delivery of monthly financial statements, including assisting or overseeing the annual review and coordinating the annual IRS tax filing.  

  • Guiding your association through insurance claims and monitoring the information needs of insurance policies.  

  • Helping the board to discover and contract professional services. 

  • Overseeing maintenance services for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.  

  • Serving as a community liaison to ensure that the association rules are meeting the needs of the community.  


Management Plus is Your Condo Association Partner 

Management Plus makes managing your condo association efficient and effective. We understand that each condo association has specific needs and what works for one will not work for another. Because of that, Management Plus works with you to create a custom plan that meets the needs of your board members and residents.  

Ready to take your community association to the next level? 

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