Cincinnati Community Management Consultation

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Expert Consultation Services for HOA Board Members

Are you a self-managed Greater Cincinnati community in need of specific assistance? At Management Plus, we offer consultation services covering various topics to support your community's needs.

Our experienced team will discuss HOA operating and legal issues with Board members, and when necessary, we'll refer to an attorney for professional advice. Additionally, we provide prompt answers to procedural questions based on our historical knowledge.

Your Partner in Community Improvement

Leveraging our 45+ years of experience, we'll assist the Board in evaluating repair items and expertly guide them through the repair steps. Our team will thoroughly discuss Reserve study results, and their ramifications, and suggest appropriate remedies to ensure your community's well-being.


When it comes to Board fining and violation procedures, forms, and follow-through, you can rely on our coordination and support. Lastly, we offer valuable annual budget advice to help your community plan and thrive financially. Trust Management Plus for expert consultation tailored to your self-managed community's specific needs.

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