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Blog Entries - Dec. 2022

people smiling together

Setting New Year Goals for Your Community Association

Your community association accomplished many great things this past year.  


New community amenities, better infrastructure, improved social networks or events, and more efficient money management were just some of the things you may have accomplished this year.  

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safety hanging Christmas lights

How To Safely Hang Christmas Lights Like a Pro

December 12, 2022  |  Tips and Tools, Winter Season

Puffy flakes of pure white snow cascade gently to the ground, illuminated by the vibrant greens, reds, and icy blues of seasonal Christmas lights on houses up and down the street.  


There is no mistaking it, Christmas time will soon be here! For many people, the holiday season is marked by the appearance of stunning and colorful strands of lights on their neighbors’ houses.  

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preparing for winter

How to Prepare Your Home for Winter

December 5, 2022  |  Property Tips, Tips and Tools, Winter Season

As Autumn draws to a close, we prepare ourselves for the fun and merriment of the holidays and the pillowy white snow that will come with it.  


However, as beautiful and enchanting as winter can be, it can also cause irreparable harm to your home if you do not properly prepare.  

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