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fall decorations up on the house

How to Prepare Your Community Association for the Fall

Fall is upon us! 


Crisp falling leaves, vibrant oranges and reds, the first hint of winter’s chill, fall is a season of change.  

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two older individuals walking outside

A Guide to Community Association Managers and What They Do

Maintaining a functional community is no easy task. It takes a whole team of people committed to consistent progress to ensure that a community will meet its goals. 


One of the most important leaders in your community is the community association manager.  

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a kitchen and living room apartment

Renovating a Home in an HOA: What You Should Know

September 12, 2022  |  Renovations, Tips and Tools

Living in an HOA provides many benefits to homeowners, including access to superior amenities, low upkeep costs, and a community with agreed-upon rules and conditions. 

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a girl getting off the school bus

School Bus Safety Reminders for the Back-to-School Season

September 5, 2022  |  Safety, School Season

The National Safety Council estimates that 25 million students in the United States use a school bus every day.  


School busses are an efficient way to get children to school, but reckless driving can pose a significant risk. 9,000 children are injured each year in accidents involving school buses.

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A women presenting at a homeowners board meeting

Benefits of Homeowners Association Board Member Training

August 29, 2022  |  HOA Meetings, Homeowners, Member Training

The board of directors is one of the most important parts of any HOA. The board members perform many tasks from creating and enforcing rules to creating the annual budget.  

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Condo development

What You Must Know Before Buying a Condo in an Association

August 15, 2022  |  Condo Association

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting adventures a person can undertake in life. A new house represents a chance at a fresh start, a new life, new opportunities, and a blank canvas you can make your own.  

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