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Guided Property Association Excellence

Management Plus is a privately owned community management firm based in the Cincinnati area.  Its partners are passionate about ensuring the company is meeting the needs of its clients and not simply accepting the status quo. 

Our managers are not property managers.  While this term is commonly used to describe community managers, as it applies to the State of Ohio, a property manager must have a broker’s license and is given decision-making authority based on an approved budget by the property’s owner.  A community manager must focus on people, property, and amenities as well as building community.  Community managers take their direction from the Board of Directors.

Expert Team of Community Managers

The Core of Management Plus's Strength

  • We have over 100 years of collective management experience
  • Our management team supports one another while servicing individual portfolios
  • Our team provides transparent reports on all services
  • Our managers provide written manager’s reports at each board meeting
  • We have loyal teams!  Several of our team members have been with Management Plus for many years
  • We endeavor to meet our client's needs by providing professional and friendly customer service.
Map of Ohio and a house outline that says community manaemement since 1984.

Community Management Beyond Expectations

Management Plus is a very different company than it was just a few years ago.  We’ve continued to grow in order to meet the ever-changing expectations of today’s homeowners, home buyers, board members, and community developers.  Management Plus is determined to pursue higher standards, utilize technology, partner with industry professionals, and offer useful resources to elevate us beyond the typical services offered by others.

Management Plus understands that no two communities are the same and that each community has its own unique character.  A community’s character is largely determined by the people that call the community home.  Management Plus doesn’t attempt to change the community, nor do we attempt to cast our vision for the community.  Rather we guide the Board to help them identify goals they’ve set for their community and then help them achieve those goals!

Property Association Management Beyond Standards

Leaders in Community Association Excellence

Management Plus is a member of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the Community Association Institute.  The Community Association Institute or CAI is the national advocate and educator for community associations and management professionals. 

Management Plus is currently the only management firm native to the Cincinnati region to receive the Accredited Association Management Company® or AAMC® designation from the Community Association Institute. We are proud of this accreditation! It is a testament to our commitment and pursuit of education in the field of community associations.

Community Association Experts: Your Partner for Success

Management Plus’s partners and managers either serve on boards and/or committees for the local chapter of CAI.  Our community managers are required to obtain certain designations and maintain those designations by meeting the continued education credit requirements.  Each designation requires increasing levels of education and management performance.

There are 3 designations for management professionals: 

  • Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®)
  • Association Management Specialist (AMS®)
  • Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM®)

We are proud to currently have the only PCAM® native to the Cincinnati area!

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