Boost your Curb Appeal

For the Homeowner who wants to Boost their Curb Appeal

October 12, 2021  |  Property Tips
A house on a lush green lawn. Text reads "boost curb appeal."

You’ve always wanted to have the best house on the block, but something about your home just doesn’t catch the eye of passersby.


It’s time to change that.


In this post, we will detail how to improve the curb appeal of your house using cheap and effective landscaping and exterior enhancement tips.


Make your Home Pop


  1. Illuminate your front door and entryway. Replace old lights and décor with something fresh and stylish. Avoid that which is trendy or overly gaudy as they will quickly fall from grace and need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Facilitate an area that looks inviting and cozy. 

  1. Stain your garage door. Give your garage door a fresh layer of paint to make it appear brand new. The color should match or complement the rest of your home. Make sure you have a plan in place if you intend to paint other features on your home, like the front door or the siding of your house.  

  1. Plant flowers and other greenery. Flowers, shrubs, install whatever you can to give the front of your home a splash of life. Healthy plants can accentuate key points on your house like windows and entryways.  

  1. Make your front door stand out. Give your door a vibrant new paint job that accentuates the other colors of your home. 

  1. Install a new mailbox. Buy your home a brand-new mailbox to create an understated and noticeable pop to give your home an added sense of style.  

  1. Upgrade your house numbers. Replace your old, outdated house numbers with something sturdy and stylish. They should align with the architecture of your home and while they should not be overly noticeable, they should tie your front-of-house décor together. 

  1. Dress up your front door. You can use season-specific features, like a wreath and faux plants, to give your front door more character. Seasonal options require work and constant replacement. Some homeowners prefer something simple that they can keep up year-round. 

  1. Replace the hardware on your front door. Replace your front door hardware with new and fashionable upgrades. This includes your door handle, hinges, and other miscellaneous features. You can even add a door knocker to give your home a bit of extra charm. The color should match the paint color of your door. The most common colors are black, brass, or brushed nickel.  

  1. Improve outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture should be used smartly and sparingly to give your home a bit of extra character. Too much furniture can leave your exterior feeling cluttered, while too little gives the impression of emptiness. All your furniture could be clean and in good repair.  

  1. Create a clear and inviting path to your home. A clean pathway leading to your front door will make your home seem more inviting. If you don’t want to build one out of brick or stone, you can make one using resources such as outdoor ground lamps. Anything you can do to make a clear and inviting path to your front door will do wonders in improving your curb appeal.  

  1. Illuminate the front of your house. Your porch should be well-lit, and you should have bright and stylish lights in your front yard to brighten up your garden or the face of your home. Ground-based solar lamps are some of the most popular accessories on the market today.  

  1. Create symmetry. Creating symmetrical patterns on the front of your house draws people’s eyes and gives the impression of a larger design at work. In addition, symmetry creates focal points in specific areas, allowing you to control where people’s eyes fall.  

  1. Keep your lawn healthy. Having a lush and well-tended lawn is key to making your house look friendly and inviting. Make sure you are mowing your grass regularly, pulling weeds, and watering your lawn to prevent dead spots. Shrub beds and artificial turf are ideal for covering up areas that are resistant to grass growth.  

  1. Clean your gutters. Keep your gutters free of debris and grime. Scrub the outside of the gutters as well to make them look brand new.  

  1. Hide wires and electrical features. Camouflage electric boxes with a fresh, matching coat of paint and make sure any wires are tucked away behind your house’s siding or behind an insulated covering. 

  1. Fix small imperfections. Chipped paint, ripped screens, burnt-out light bulbs, these are all things that can lower people’s estimation of your house. Even if your house is otherwise perfect, people’s eyes will still be drawn to the small imperfections.  


Curb Appeal will take your Home to the Next Level


Everyone wants their home to be the envy of their friends and neighbors.


Curb appeal is one of the most significant factors when trying to sell your house. You will have a much harder time selling the deed to your house if your curb appeal is subpar, no matter how good of bones your house has.  


Not only does your house’s curb appeal affect the value of your home, but your neighbor’s curb appeal can also hamper your house’s price tag. If your Homeowner’s Association has lax rules on what you can and cannot have in your neighborhood, then it’s time to reach out to Management Plus. Only Management Plus has the community management skills to improve the curb appeal of your home and take your HOA to the next level.