Increase the Property Value of Your Association with Landscaping

Increase the Property Value of Your Association with Landscaping

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Landscaping is one of the best things you can do to improve the appeal of your association and increase property value throughout the community.  


Regular landscaping shows that your association invests in the neighborhood and cares about the quality of life of the residents. Because of this, more people will want to move into those houses that are for sale and property value will continuously increase.  


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Landscaping includes simple tasks like lawn mowing, weeding, and tree management, but there are many other tasks you should complete to go the extra landscaping mile. 


In this post, we will go over a few ways you can boost property values throughout the community using simple landscaping practices.  


Five Landscaping Tasks that Will Boost Community Property Value 


If you want your community to make a good first impression, then a comprehensive landscaping plan is the best thing you can do. A landscaping plan will set your association up for long-term success and will make it easy to repeat simple tasks on a weekly or monthly basis.  


Let’s take a look at five of the top landscaping tasks you can do to boost property values throughout your association. 


Flower Selection and Maintenance 


Flowers, flowers everywhere! 


There is nothing more inviting than vibrant and fragrant flower beds greeting visitors when they enter your neighborhood. 


Property value is determined by perception and selecting the right kind of flowers (and growing them in the right places) is huge for potential buyers.  


You can subliminally influence the way prospective buyers think of your community by choosing inviting and complementary colors for public areas.  


Choose a color palette and stick with it. White, red, and pink flowers can be a simple palette if you don’t know where to start.  


Tree Care and Pruning 


Your trees say more about your community than you might think. Well-maintained and well-spaced trees convey a sense of order and cleanliness that inform your potential buyers and visitors how the association is run.  


For tree selection, you can mix and match tree varieties without worry. A diverse and local array of trees can make your community feel welcoming and creative. You can also stick with one or two species of trees for an added sense of order.  


Make sure your trees are shapely and that your landscaping team prunes trees regularly. 


Never Neglect Your Grass 


Grass says even more about your community than flowers and trees.  


You need to be sure that your grass is mowed weekly or biweekly (and maybe more often during hot, wet months). Ideally, grass should be 2.5 to 3.5 inches.  


Cutting is just the start. The use of environmentally friendly fertilizers and sustainable watering practices keep your grass green and healthy, making for an attractive lawn space that will make residents what to stay in their homes for years to come.  


Light Up Your Community! 


Plant selection and lawn care are great places to start for landscaping but don't forget about lighting design.  


Your community's green spaces need to be well-lit to show off the natural beauty of the space and ensure that those areas are safe for residents at night.  


All trails and paths should be lit, as should any landmark features or potentially hazardous objects.  


For example, it is best practice to illuminate trees on dark roads and those in front of local businesses.  


Also, be sure to light up roads and public spaces as it will boost safety and make public places more accessible for nighttime activities. 


Common areas can present a challenge. Here is your guide for common area maintenance! 


Sustainable and Effective Water Practices 


Sustainable landscaping is huge when it comes to boosting property values. Potential buyers and homeowners want to know that their community has a low carbon footprint and little to no waste.  


Your association must pay close attention to water consumption, fertilizer use, and energy waste.  


Record your consumption and use of scarce materials and always select water features and fertilizer options that are sustainable and friendly for the environment. 


Management Plus Boosts Property Values in Your Community 


We all want to boost property values in our communities. However, if your association is short-staffed and low on resources, this can be an impossible task.  


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Sustainable landscaping, plant selection, lighting design, and other similar initiatives are great first steps for improving the appeal of your community, but they are not enough to create a sustainable difference.  


For changes that leave a long-lasting impact on your community and the property values in your association, you need a team of experienced professionals who know what it takes to make a difference.  


That is where Management Plus comes in. Our property management professionals know how to make changes that matter to your community. Not only will they give your landscaping a boost, but they can also oversee your budget, advise on policy, and give your board of directors the support they need. 


If you are ready to give your community a sustainable boost, then it is time to reach out to Management Plus today! 


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