Property Maintenance Tips for This Summer

Property Maintenance Tips for Summer

August 31, 2021  |  Property Tips
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Property Maintenance Tips for Summer


What to do with Warm Weather


You’re running out of time.


With summer ending (all too soon) your window for performing property maintenance in the mild weather is coming to its end. Certain tasks that can only be completed in the summer months and that simply cannot wait until fall.


This post will provide a quick checklist that you can use to ensure that your property is ready for autumn.


Keep your Windows Clean


One of the most important tasks of summer is ensuring that your windows are ready for the oncoming cold weather. Before summer’s end ensure you have accomplished the following:


  • Wash the insides and outsides of your windows.


  • Check the sealing around your windows for cracks or weaknesses.


  • Replace your windows if they have become outdated or the glass has begun to warp.


If you plan to keep the warm air in and the cold air out, you must make sure your windows are properly calked. Likewise, a clean window is a healthy window. Dirt, grime, and even bugs can wear away your window’s sealing and force you to have to re-calk sooner. Finally, if window glass has started to warp, that’s a clear sign that the window is susceptible to shatter. If that happens during winter, you’ll only be able to wish you replaced your windows in the summer.


Siding and Foundation


Ensure you do the following to prepare your house’s siding and foundation for the fall and winter:


  • Look for loose or rotting siding.


  • Power-wash your siding and bricks.


  • Check your foundation for cracks and leaks.


  • Consider repainting your house.


Once the siding on your house begins to fall apart, that’s a clear sign you need an upgrade. If your siding has become loose, it means water and bugs can gain access to the now-vulnerable wood underneath. Seamless siding is a must to increasing the longevity of your house. In addition, make sure you power-wash your siding and bricks. Not only will this improve your curb appeal, but it will also remove grime and acids that can corrode your sealing.


Also, be sure to check your foundation for cracks and signs of leaking. Groundwater can ruin the foundation of your house and cause flooding. If you live in an area with high amounts of groundwater, be extra attentive to your foundation. It could save you a fortune.


Finally, if you have been itching for a fresh coat of paint on your house, summer is the time to do it. You don’t want to stare at chipped paint all winter. If it’s time to repaint your house, it is recommended you hire a professional. Otherwise, you can do it yourself, but ensure you take the proper safety precautions and have another person spot you.


Wood and other Miscellaneous Tasks


It is of the utmost importance to make sure your wooden items are taken care of in addition to other miscellaneous items. Make sure you do the following:


  • Inspect your fencing for signs of wear and repaint if necessary


  • Inspect playgrounds or other wooden structures for bees


  • Clean your gutter and spouts


  • Clean your sink piping of minerals and other deposits


Fencing can be very expensive. To make sure that your fencing lasts for as long as possible take some time to examine the fence for signs of weathering. Be sure to reseal and repaint your fence as needed. This can add years to your fence’s life span.


Also be sure to inspect other wooden structures, such as playgrounds, to make sure the wood is sealed and no bees or other wood-boring insects have moved in. Few things are more irritating and painful than dealing with bee stings, especially for children. If you are dealing with a bee infestation either call a beekeeper (they often will collect for free) or an exterminator if you are dealing with wasps.


Summer is also an ideal time to clean your gutters and downspouts. Summer storms can clog your gutters with sticks and other debris. You will want all of that gone before winter’s chill sets in. Otherwise, ice can destroy your gutters.


Finally, take some time to clean your sink pipes and faucet trap (the screen at the end of your faucet). Mineral deposits and other harmless substances can collect in your pipes and decrease your water flow and pressure.


Winter is Coming


Take care of these summer tasks before it’s too late. Autumn has a way of creeping up on us and you will regret waiting until the cooler months to perform these tasks.


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