Your Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home

Your Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home

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Your home is your livelihood.  


You and your family rely on your house to create a safe and nurturing space where you can grow and thrive.  


However, it is easy for your home to become a place where energy goes to be wasted. Lights perpetually left on, washing machines that never stop, and air conditioning running around the clock, it is not hard to see why energy bills are up and the danger increasing prices pose to your monthly budget.  


An energy-efficient home is one of the best ways to keep energy costs low. Not only that, but energy-efficient homes are better for the environment and can help you live a more comfortable life.  


Making your home more energy efficient doesn't have to be a headache! Keep reading to learn five effective tips that can help transform your home from an energy drainer into the most energy-efficient home on the block! 


Use These Five Tips to Make Your Home Energy Efficient in 2023 


What is an energy-efficient home? How do I make my home more energy efficient on a budget? And what benefits does an energy-efficient home bring me and my family? 


These are all common questions that homeowners have when looking to make their homes more energy efficient.  


Let’s take a look at some energy-efficient house features that you can incorporate into your home to decrease your monthly energy bills and help you stay on budget.  


Inspect or Replace Your Windows 


One of the biggest factors when looking at energy efficiency is heat loss through windows.  


Old windows or those that were improperly installed allow cold air to seep in during the winter and hot air to invade during the summer.  


Replacing old and drafty windows is a project you will have to invest in up-front, but it will save you a ton on your energy bills down the line. 


Use More Energy Efficient Lightbulbs 


How many homeowners does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 


Just one! And if you use energy-efficient lightbulbs, it can be years between replacements.  


Replacing traditional iridescent lightbulbs with more efficient options like compact fluorescent (CFLs) is a great way to make your home more energy efficient without spending major cash.  


Most CFLs cost between $3 and $5 and can last up to ten times as long as traditional bulbs.  


Inspect Your Insulation 


We already looked at how windows can cost you major bucks on your energy bill, but improper insulation can play a part too. 


Improving your home’s insulation has the potential to save between 10% and 50% on your heating bill.  


Hire a professional to look at your insulation, and if they spot any issues, have your insulation replaced. Optimal insulation can help make your home energy efficient in a hurry! 


Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances 


Next time you upgrade your appliances, be on the lookout for energy-efficient models.  


Washers, driers, dishwashers, and more are all large consumers of energy. When you upgrade to an appliance rated highly by energy star, you can save cash on your monthly energy bill, use less water, and take another step towards an energy-efficient home.  


Update Your HVAC System 


Old HVAC systems are often outdated and inefficient.  


Not only that, but they can cost you every month on your energy bill.  


Choose an HVAC system with a high energy star rating and consider having the vent and ductwork of your home inspected.  


An HVAC system that is rated highly by energy star and is the right size for your home can help your house become more energy efficient and can save you big bucks down the line.  


Management Plus Helps You Achieve Energy Efficiency 


Making your home energy efficient is no easy task. That’s why you need an HOA management company that is there for you.  


Management Plus helps homeowners make the right upgrades to ensure that their home is headed in an energy-efficient direction. Not only that, but the more energy efficient your home is, the better it will grow in value! 


For those looking for a new home, MP Sales helps you find an energy-efficient home to fit your needs.  


If you are looking for a major energy efficiency upgrade, Management Plus is here for you!  


For home energy efficiency tips for homeowners in Cincinnati, Mason, Beckett Ridge, Fairfield, Landen, Loveland, Sharonville, Columbus, Monroe, Northgate, Hamilton, and Lebanon, reach out to Management Plus today! 


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