Increase the Property Value of Your Association with Amenity Options

Increase the Property Value of Your Association with Amenity Options

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If you are part of an HOA or community association, then you know that when one property in your community increases in value, it has positive effects on the entire neighborhood. Likewise, if community amenities are improved, it can pay off in a big way for everyone.  


Prospective buyers will value homes in communities with excellent amenities higher than those communities whose amenities are lacking.  


Community pools, playgrounds, parks, and nature trails are all factors that can increase the value of individual properties and the community association as a whole.  


In this post, we will break down the amenities you can install in your community to have the most profound impact on your HOA's value. Keep reading for the best suggestions to pitch at your next association meeting. 


How to Increase the Value of Your Homeowners Association 


When you increase the value of your association it does two things.  


First, your community will attract more potential buyers, leading to faster sale times for residents’ homes.  


Second, each individual property will increase in value meaning property owners will get a higher return when they sell their homes.  


Here are some of the best amenities to implement in your community to boost your association's value.  


Fitness Center 


In recent years, health has become an increasingly important topic. One way to help ensure that your association members' needs are met is by installing a fitness center in your community. 


Gym memberships are expensive, prospective buyers will be enticed to buy property in your community if they know that access to a fitness center is a perk of ownership. 


Outdoor Recreation Areas 


Coming in second on our list, outdoor recreation areas are a popular draw from new homeowners. Many people enjoy spending time outdoors and a built-in outdoor recreation area will give residents a space where they can relax, exercise, and explore.  


This can come in the form of a hiking trail, a small park, or a basketball/tennis court. Ask about your resident's needs before you make your decision. 


Pet and Child-Friendly Amenities 


Many residents and prospective buyers own pets and have young children. Providing a space where residents can spend time with their pets and kids is a huge perk, especially if they do not have to drive to get there. 


Examples include mini dog parks, playground areas, indoor game rooms, and entertainment centers. These are all great choices to help homeowners spend time with their loved ones.  


Village Centers 


There is nothing better than a close-knit community. Creating a village center where residents can congregate is a great way to boost your community’s appeal and ultimately its value.  


You can include features like coffee stands, convenience stores, laundromats, picnic areas, barbecue areas, and more. It all depends on what your residents want and what type of homeowners you want to attract.  


Management Plus Helps Boost Your Community’s Value 


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