Methods of Attracting New Homeowners to Your Community

Methods of Attracting New Homeowners to Your Community

June 6, 2022  |  Community, Homeowners, Tips and Tools
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Everyone wants to live in a beautiful, thriving community. However, without constant, focused efforts communities can slowly slip and lose some of their natural allure.  


This means that property values start to decrease, and fewer prospective home buyers will want to move into your community.  


If you are looking for a way to give your community a boost and attract new homeowners, then there are some simple steps you can take.  


This post will give you seven tips to help you make your community all that it can be and attract new homeowners to your neighborhood. 


Tips for Attracting New Homeowners 


Ensuring that your neighborhood is in high demand is a great way to keep property values high and risks low.  


Here are some tips to attract more homeowners to your community.  


Find out what people are looking for in a community 


To get an idea of what people are looking for in a community, you need to conduct research. There are several ways you can do this. 


  • Conduct surveys and focus groups. You could also interview people who have recently moved into similar communities or moved away from your community. 

  • Use social media to ask questions about what people want in a community and what drives them away from one. 

  • Do a competitive analysis of similar communities and keep track of their accomplishments, as well as the things that don't work for residents there. 

  • Talk to residents to get feedback on what they would change in the community and why they think your community should attract more homeowners. 


Be careful of where you get your data from! With the internet being so large, it's easy to read studies that aren't credible or trustworthy, so be sure that you're getting your information from reliable sources. 


Improve Neighborhood Security 


Adding neighborhood security elements can be a great way to make new homeowners feel more comfortable. 


To improve neighborhood security, consider the following: 


  • Ensure that your community has streetlights that are in working order. 

  • Implement a neighborhood watch. 

  • Install security cameras in public places. 

  • Encourage homeowners to install security systems. 


Keep the Community Beautiful and Clean 


Keeping your community clean is one of the most significant things you can do to make your neighborhood more attractive: 


  • Maintain the lawn and flowerbeds in public spaces and pick up trash and litter. 

  • Encourage residents to do the same with their own property. 

  • Installing street signs that tell people where they are and help them get to know the local landscape. 

  • Creating attractive public spaces for people to enjoy (e.g., putting in benches and making sure there aren't too many dumpsters around). 


Create a sense of community 


Homeowners want to feel comfortable, safe, and close with their neighbors. Give them a feeling of belonging by creating a sense of community. 


Use these tips: 


  • Write a regular community newsletter. 

  • Set up community events. 

  • Create a local website with information about the area and what is happening around town. 

  • Offer tours to new homeowners so they can meet some of the people in their neighborhood. 

  • Set up a message board to encourage homeowners to communicate about things that are happening in their community. 


Ask for Referrals from Community Members 


  • Ask for referrals from your current community members. Give incentives to people who refer someone to move into the neighborhood. 

  • Ask people who are moving out if they know anyone interested in moving in. 

  • Use an attractive website brimming with positive feedback to draw new homeowners to your community. 


Better Communities Attract Better Homeowners 


You cannot expect your community to attract enthusiastic new homeowners overnight. But steady, consistent improvements will drive in many prospective buyers in the long run.  


The more buyers who are looking for homes in your community, the more prices will increase, and the easier it will be to sell homes.  


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