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A man on a ladder up against a house, installing siding. The text reads "Getting Approval for Home Renovations in an HOA Community"

Getting Approval for Home Renovations in an HOA Community

August 7, 2023  |  HOA Community, Renovations, Tips and Tools

Every homeowner wants to renovate their property or house in some way. Whether the goal of the renovation is to make their home more attractive when it comes time to sell, or to make improvements for their own personal use, for homes that exist in HOAs, some renovations are against community rules. 

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Cars in a parking lot with the text "HOA Parking Rules FAQs and How to Enforce Them"

HOA Parking Rules FAQs and How to Enforce Them

July 31, 2023  |  Community Rules, HOA Tips, Parking Rules

Maintaining order in the community is one of the chief duties of every HOA.   


 As a board member, one of your responsibilities that affects everyone is how you manage community parking.   


 Residents rely on consistent parking to meet their needs. If your residents are constantly looking for parking, that will hinder their overall experience and leave them unhappy with the association.   

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A woman with her back turned, giving a presentation with the words "Tips for Managing a Successful HOA Open Forum"

Tips for Managing a Successful HOA Open Forum

July 17, 2023  |  HOA Board Members, HOA Meetings, HOA Tips

Homeowners’ Association (HOA) open forums are one of the best opportunities for board members to engage with their community and understand the concerns and needs of residents. However successful HOA community meetings do not just happen by chance. 

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Three people laughing. Below, the text reads "Conflict Resolution Best Practices for Your HOA"

Conflict Resolution Best Practices for Your HOA

July 3, 2023  |  HOA Board Members, HOA Management

As a dedicated HOA board member, you know that conflicts are an inevitable part of managing a homeowner’s association.  

Whether you are currently dealing with a conflict or simply want to be prepared for future challenges, it's crucial to possess the skills and knowledge necessary to handle disputes effectively.  

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An outdoor deck with lawn furniture

Increasing Property Value of Your Association: Usability of Outdoor Spaces

As a community manager or HOA board member, you are always on the lookout for ways to improve the property value of your association. One of the most cost-effective ways to make your community association a more attractive option for potential homebuyers is to increase the usability of outdoor spaces in your HOA.  

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A Lawnmower Cutting Grass

Property Maintenance Tips for Summer

Summer is here and that means now is the perfect time to make much-needed improvements to your property. As Cincinnati and Dayton’s fastest growing property management company, Management Plus receives many questions regarding property upkeep and home maintenance.

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