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A cottage home with snow surrounding the house and landscape

Winter Maintenance To-Do List

February 7, 2022  |  Community, Property Tips, Tips and Tools

Every year your home needs regular maintenance to stay safe and functional.  

Late fall and winter are the best times to perform home maintenance as the signs of deterioration are more apparent than in spring and summer.  

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Paint Brushes and paint "Home Renvoations, keeping Projects Organized

Homeowner’s Guide for Keeping Projects Organized

Whether they own a six-bedroom ranch-style home or a one-bedroom townhouse, every homeowner has a dozen or more home improvement projects they want to complete.  

There are numerous ways to improve your home and make it a place that feels uniquely yours.  

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Breakfast nook with floors on the table "Home renovations, creating your own breakfast nook"

How to Make a Breakfast Nook

January 17, 2022  |  Decorations, Furniture, Property Tips, Space, Storage

Your home is your refuge. You should be able to relax and unwind after a long day at work or start your morning off right with a cozy space to ease you into the day. Any additional comfort you can add to your home is a well-deserved bonus. 

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Group of people smiling "History of HOA's"

A Brief History of Homeowners’ Associations

If you own property in the United States, chances are you have considered buying a home that belongs to a Homeowners’ Association (HOA).  

HOAs sometimes get a bad rap in movies and other forms of media, but the reality is HOAs provide much-needed benefits to the communities they manage.  

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Optimize Your Bedroom for Sleep, the bed in background

How to Optimize Your Bedroom for Sleep

December 27, 2021  |  Decorations, Furniture, Property Tips, Space

A good night’s sleep is something we all dream of. 

Unfortunately, for many of us, we fantasize about a good night’s sleep the day after we tossed and turned half the night away 

Often, we know we should be getting more sleep, but when it comes time to rest our eyes, we find that we simply are not tired.  

Most people assume the issue is with their circadian rhythm, but the truth is that the issue often lies within our bedroom.  

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Front Porch trends to keep an eye on for the New Year

Front Porch Trends to Keep Your Eye on the New Year

Everyone knows that a well-designed front porch can be the highlight of even the most opulent homes.  

However, if you look around, you will quickly find that many beautifully built front porches are marred by ugly décor and out-of-date fashion trends.  

There have been a few subtle, yet significant, changes in front porch design in the 2020s that every front porch owner needs to be aware of.  

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