Reasons to Join Your HOA Board

Reasons to Join Your HOA Board

August 14, 2023  |  Community, HOA Board Members
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Everyone wants to improve their community. 


There is little that is better than building a better life for your family and your neighborhood residents and if you live in an HOA then one of the most effective things you can do to make a profound change in your neighborhood is to run for your community's board. 


With a position of leadership on your HOA's board, you can make significant changes to how your community operates. In addition, you also can help fellow residents, gain valuable professional skills, and get closer to your neighbors.  


In this blog post, we will go over the major benefits of running for a board position in your HOA. 


Help Fellow Residents 


Joining an HOA board is more than just a volunteer service opportunity, it's a chance to help fellow homeowners and make a difference in your community. As a member of the board, you have the opportunity to serve as the voice of your fellow members, ensuring that their concerns and suggestions are heard and addressed. 


Through your volunteer work, you'll be able to connect with other residents and truly see the positive impact that you're making in their lives. Being a part of the decision-making process for your community allows you to help foster a sense of pride and ownership among residents, which can lead to increased property values and a better quality of life. 


As a board member, you'll also have the chance to be proactive in identifying and addressing areas of concern. Whether it's upkeep and maintenance, landscaping, or safety concerns, your efforts will undoubtedly be appreciated by your fellow homeowners and can help improve the overall well-being of the community. 


Joining an HOA board is no small commitment, but the sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others far outweighs any personal sacrifice. The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those around you is an incredibly rewarding experience and can have a positive impact that stretches far beyond your term on the board. 


So, if you're passionate about helping others and making a difference in your community, consider joining your HOA board. You'll have the chance to build relationships with your fellow residents, learn more about their concerns, and work collaboratively to find creative solutions that benefit the entire community. 


Help Progress Your Community 


If you want to have an impact on your neighborhood, then one of the most effective things you can do is run for board membership. Board meetings are where community progress is made, and by holding a position on the board, you can suggest and vote on proposed rules and regulations. 


As a member of the board of directors, you can work with residents and your property association management to make meaningful changes and provide insight into how the community can be improved. 


Not only that but as a board member of your homeowners' association, you will play a key role in shaping the specifics of your initiatives. This includes planning, researching, and presenting specific changes and potential board decisions. 


Some HOAs have volunteer boards, and some have elected boards. Depending on the specifics of your association, you can build on the progress of previous boards to build a more successful community. 


One key to association success is a strategic plan. This blog tells you how to make a strategic plan that helps your community thrive.  


Grow Closer to Your Neighbors 


One of the best ways to grow closer to your neighbors is by holding a role on your association's board of directors. Board membership requires you to understand and address the needs and values of your neighbors to build a better community. 


As a board member, you will attend many HOA events and projects. Because of this, your neighbors will see you as someone who is centrally involved in the community. It will also help you get to know your neighbors personally and establish a relationship. 


Other ways to get closer to your neighbors include attending monthly and annual meetings, joining committees, and volunteering at various community events. 


Being familiar with neighbors gives you a better insight into demographics, and morale, and can result in better community culture. 


Activities and events can help improve property value too! Learn how here! 


Great for Professional Growth 


Running for your homeowners' association board is also important for professional development. You will learn many professional and leadership skills including management, communication, understanding of business structure, organization, maintenance, and money management. 


These invaluable skills can help bolster your career and can diversify your professional portfolio. They can help you advance your professional career and are a great steppingstone to a management role or team leadership position. 


In addition, board members can also form valuable professional connections that can help them in their careers. 


Volunteering on your current board and learning community management skills helps you form connections and learn valuable skills that you can use to advance your professional career and make you more well-rounded. 


Change Community Rules 


With help from your manager and board of directors, you can have a significant impact on your community's rules. Come election time, one of the best strategies to help you get elected to your HOA board is to propose specific changes to the rules you would implement. This will ensure that residents with the same desires vote for you and that you will be a more effective board member. 


Your HOA board of directors works hard to make your community a better place to live, however, the best way to make a meaningful impact, especially on rules, is by holding a position on the board yourself. 


Rules that you wish to change can include community regulations and basic property management tasks, or they may be more internal rules such as board member duties or spending habits. 


Regardless of what you want to change, suggesting actionable rules to make your association's property management better is one of the most fulfilling things you can do as a member of an HOA board. 


Looking to implement green initiatives in your community? This guide helps you get started. 


Better HOA Management with Management Plus 


A better property manager starts with better boards. One of the best ways to make a significant impact on your HOA board and your community is by running for a seat on your board of directors or council and working hard to produce positive results. 


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