Implementing Green Initiatives in your HOA

Implementing Green Initiatives in your HOA

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Implementing green or environmentally friendly initiatives is one of the best things you can do to set your HOA up for long-term success. 


However, many HOA boards wonder what the best and most cost-effective environmentally friendly measures are. 


There are many green initiatives you can implement to encourage more sustainable living in your community. If you want to reduce your community’s negative environmental impact, keep reading, Management Plus has put together a list of some of the top green initiatives to help improve your community development and make for a more sustainable community. 


Build an Eco-Friendly HOA with These Green Initiatives 


There are many different HOA green initiatives your community can pursue to achieve more sustainable living. 


Eco-friendly HOAs are great for residents' life satisfaction and they can more easily attract prospective home buyers.  


Management Plus has put together a few things your HOA can do to help your community encourage sustainable living. 


Check out these green HOA initiatives, ranked from most basic to more advanced. 


Implement a Recycling Plan 


If your community does not already have a recycling plan in place, then there are a few things you can do to be ready for this summer.  


First, make sure that there are public recycling receptacles in all community spaces. For example, all playgrounds, pools, and event centers should have a recycling receptacle readily available next to all trash cans.  


Second, consider adding recycling as a part of your residents' HOA dues. Many homeowners cannot afford to purchase a recycling service independently. Adding this service for your homeowners will significantly reduce the negative environmental impact of your community and will help catch the eye of prospective buyers. 


Make Your Landscaping More Sustainable 


Landscaping is an important part of any HOA’s duties. The problem is that landscapes often overuse water and sometimes spray harmful pesticides into the environment.  


Your first step should be to reduce the amount of water your landscaping team wastes per day. This starts with measuring how much water is consumed per day and then coming up with solutions to reduce this consumption. This can include reusing water when possible and promoting drought-resistant landscaping.  


The next step is to reduce pesticide use and ensure that your HOA uses only eco-friendly pesticides. This is made easier (and cheaper) when you use native plants and reduce the overall lawn area.  


Promote Energy Efficient Appliances 


One of the best ways to encourage energy efficiency in homes around your community is to encourage your homeowners to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines all use less energy than conventional models. 


How do you make an energy-efficient home? Learn more here! 


Be sure to highlight the cost-saving benefits of upgrading to an Energy Star model and set an example by installing Energy Star appliances in all public spaces.  


Other actions you can take include: 


  • Install LED light bulbs 

  • Encourage residents to weatherize their homes
  • Offer to install smart thermostats in residents’ homes 

There are many different ways you can promote the use of energy-efficient appliances while making a more sustainable community.  


Implement Green Transportation 


As an eco-friendly initiative, implementing green transportation involves the use of alternative transportation methods like carpooling, biking, or walking to reduce your HOA’s environmental impact.  


This can be a tricky initiative to pull off, but here are a few ideas to get you started: 


  • Start a carpool club and make special carpool spaces. Get creative! Maybe those who participate in the carpool program get free parking!  

  • Encourage biking by installing bike trails, bike racks, bike repair stations, and tire pumps. You can even work with local bike shops to give residents a discount. 

  • Make your community more walkable. This can include installing walkways, paved trails, or bridges to help people get from one place to another on foot. 

  • Encourage residents to use public transportation by providing information on nearby bus and train routes, or by giving out discounts. 

  • Encourage the use of electric vehicles by installing charging stations around the community and creating dedicated parking spaces for electric vehicles. 


Add Solar Panels to Offset Energy Consumption 


Solar panels are a great investment for your community to help offset energy consumption. 


This initiative might be the most difficult to achieve because solar panels require space and funds upfront. That means your community will need to be overwhelmingly in favor of investing in solar.  


Provide your residents with the best information on solar panels and be transparent about the costs and land requirements. Leave it up to a vote.  


If your residents are not yet ready for solar panels, it could be an investment to consider down the line, especially as solar panels become cheaper by the year.  


Greener Property Management Solutions from Management Plus  


No one ever said managing an HOA was easy. Implementing green or eco-friendly solutions can be even harder.  


If you are struggling to get your community’s HOA initiatives off the ground, then it may be time to reach out to Management Plus. 


How do you make managing your association dues eco-friendly? Learn more here! 


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