Your Guide to Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

Your Guide to Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

A family outside their house riding bikes and looking at the neighbor

Booming stereos, obnoxious TVs, and lawnmowers starting up at 8 AM on a Saturday.  


Noisy neighbors can be a serious problem that results in a strain on your lifestyle, happiness, and health.  


It can sometimes feel like no matter how loud or inconsiderate your neighbors are there is no way to deal with them and reclaim your peace and quiet.  


Even if your home life is otherwise perfect, noisy neighbors can put a serious damper on your satisfaction.  


Luckily for you, if you live in an HOA, there are several ways you can deal with noisy neighbors without moving halfway across town.  


Management Plus has put together this handy guide to help you deal with noisy neighbors before you start sifting through local listings. Keep reading to learn how to silence those pesky noisy neighbors once and for all.  


Noisy Neighbors? Try These Tips 


Noisy neighbors can be a headache (sometimes literally)! To get your neighbors to respect your noise needs, try these tips.  


Check Your HOA’s Guidelines 


Before you file a complaint to your HOA, review your association’s rules and make sure that the neighbors that are causing an issue are breaking the rules.  


Sorry, but if you like to sleep in and your neighbor is mowing their lawn at 11 AM, they are probably justified. 


That said, here are some common HOA noise rules.  


  • Noise cannot interfere with another homeowner’s sense of peace or enjoyment of the common area 


  • Uses or actions that create conditions that are hazardous, obnoxious, or offensive 


  • No violations of local, state, or federal laws 


Other than that, every HOA is different. Read through your community’s bylaws to discover what you can and cannot do in terms of noise.  


Calmly Express Your Concerns to Your Neighbor 


In most cases, the easiest solution to noise issues is calmly and clearly expressing your concerns to your neighbor.  


Try approaching your neighbor in a situation where you both feel comfortable and at ease. Be friendly and never accusatory. Coming in angry or aggressive may put your neighbor on the defensive and cause them to combat your request.  


Try this format: 


  • Approach your neighbor with a friendly greeting. “Hi, Joe!” 


  • Get right to the point. Address the topic and be specific. “I wanted to quickly talk about the stereo you have in your garage.” 


  • State the problem. “When you play your stereo so loud, the sound shakes the walls in my house.” 


  • Ask them to politely stop the behavior and offer a solution. “Could you please turn the stereo down, or get a pair of headphones so you can enjoy your music?” 


  • If they are receptive, thank them for understanding. “I appreciate you hearing me out on this, Joe!” 


File a Complaint with the HOA 


If your neighbor is not receptive to your friendly request, or if you feel they would be aggressive if you requested they adjust their behavior, it is time to go to your HOA.  


Every HOA is different, but filing a complaint can be as easy as picking up the phone or filling out a form online.  


With a complaint filed, an HOA representative will go talk to your neighbor for you. If the problem persists, your HOA may fine the noisy neighbor.  


Talk to Other Neighbors About the Issue 


If the problem persists and your noisy neighbor ignores your and your HOA’s requests, you can talk to other neighbors about the issue and seek their support.  


If there is a noise issue that you are facing, chances are your other neighbors are experiencing the same problems.  


Finally, if the neighbor continues their rude behavior, you can talk to a lawyer and file legal action to get the problem resolved. 


Management Plus Helps You Get the Peace You Deserve 


Your home should be your sanctuary. If you are facing noisy neighbors that are disturbing your peace, then your HOA is here to help.  


In most cases, noise disputes can be resolved with a friendly conversation.  


However, if your HOA is struggling to help you resolve the issue, then they may need some help. 


For HOAs that are short-handed, Management Plus is here for you! 


Management Plus offers superior community management solutions to ensure that your community is well-run, well-advised, and always working for you.  


If you are ready to take your HOA to the next level, reach out to Management Plus today!