Planning Your Community Block Party

Planning Your Community Block Party

Planning Your Community Block Party

Are you looking to bring your homeowner's association (HOA) community together and create lasting memories?  

Hosting a block party for your HOA is a wonderful way to foster a sense of community and build relationships among your residents.  

A neighborhood block party is a fun and festive event that typically takes place outdoors in a communal area such as a park, playground, or street that is closed off for the occasion. 

If you want to plan a successful and enjoyable block party for your community, it is important to start early and consider all aspects of the event. 

From deciding on a party theme to organizing activities and coordinating logistics, there are many factors and details to figure out.  

At Management Plus, we recognize that hosting a block party can be seen as a daunting task. To help you, we have created a guide to walk you through some steps you will need to take to ensure your HOA community event is a hit!  


Choose the Perfect Time 


Choosing the perfect time for a block party can be an exciting task for your HOA community. 

To ensure maximum participation and convenience for all your residents, follow the steps below so you can efficiently decide on the perfect time for your community event.  

  1. First, you should conduct a survey or poll to gauge the preferences of your residents. This can be done through various means, such as online platforms or paper ballots. The survey should inquire about the preferred day and time of the week to host the block party.

  2. Next, you should organize a meeting or discussion with your members to review the survey results. This will allow you to assess the popular choices and consider any constraints or concerns that may have been raised. It is important to consider factors like weather conditions, other planned community events, and potential conflicts with holidays or long weekends.

  3. Once the feedback is gathered, you can narrow down the options and propose two or three potential dates for the block party. These dates should align with the majority's preferences and address any concerns raised. We suggest that you provide an opportunity for your residents to vote for their preferred date, promoting inclusivity and making them feel involved in the decision-making process.

  4. The final date can be chosen once the votes are received, and other relevant factors are considered. Announce the selected date well in advance, allowing residents to plan and commit to attending the event. 


Set the Theme and Activities 


When organizing your block party, it is essential to set the appropriate theme and activities to make sure that your theme resonates with your community members.  

Below, we have constructed five tips to help you narrow down the theme and activities for your block party.  


1. Determine the Purpose:  


Begin by clarifying the purpose of your event. Is it a social gathering or a fundraising event? Understanding the purpose will help you narrow down the theme options that align with the event's goals. 


2. Research and Brainstorm:  


Conduct research on various themes and activities that are relevant to your event's purpose. Brainstorming with your HOA community board members can also provide different perspectives and innovative ideas. Consider factors like the target audience, location, and intended atmosphere of the event. 


3. Evaluate Feasibility: 


Once you have a list of potential themes and activities, evaluate their feasibility. Consider logistical factors such as budget, space requirements, and availability of resources. Eliminate themes and activities that may be too costly or impractical to execute. 


4. Match Theme and Activities:  


Select the theme that best aligns with your event's purpose and audience preferences. Make sure that the chosen theme can be effectively translated into engaging activities. For example, a nature-themed event could include outdoor games, eco-friendly workshops, or environmental talks. 


5. Gather Required Supplies:  


After determining the theme and associated activities, create a list of supplies needed for each activity. This may include decorations, props, audiovisual equipment, and materials for workshops or games. Be meticulous with this step to avoid any last-minute hiccups. 


Assign Tasks to Volunteers for Purchasing or Borrowing Supplies 


When it comes to organizing a successful block party, it is important to make sure that all the necessary supplies are purchased or borrowed. To accomplish this task, assign specific tasks to volunteers to ensure efficient execution. 

We recommend you create a list of items you will need before asking volunteers. This can include things like chairs, tables, decorations, games, and food items. Once the list is complete, you should assign tasks to willing volunteers. 

Assigning tasks can be done in many ways. One option is to hold a meeting or send out an email asking for volunteers and their preferences. Volunteers can then be assigned to specific items based on their availability and preferences.  

Another option is to create a sign-up sheet where volunteers can choose the items, they would like to be responsible for. 

Provide your volunteers with all the necessary details, such as the quantity required, the budget allocated, and any specific instructions or restrictions.  

Encourage volunteers to collaborate and communicate with each other to avoid duplication or confusion. 

To keep track of the progress, we suggest that you create a spreadsheet or document of the assigned tasks and the volunteers responsible for each item. This will make it easier to keep everyone accountable and ensure that no items are overlooked. 


Plan Your HOA Community Block Party with Management Plus  


Planning and executing a successful community block party can be an overwhelming task. 

That is where Management Plus can help. With our experience, we can assist your HOA community in every aspect of organizing a memorable event that will bring your neighbors closer together. 

We will work closely with your HOA board to understand your vision and expectations for the block party. Whether you want a family-friendly event or a more adult-oriented gathering, we will tailor the party to suit your community's needs. 

We can even assist with the promotion and marketing of the block party. From digital marketing strategies to distributing flyers and posters, we will employ various methods to create awareness and generate enthusiasm. 

Management Plus is here to help you plan and execute a successful block party for your HOA community. 

Trust us to handle all the details, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun-filled event that will foster a strong sense of community spirit. 

If you are looking for better community engagement that works for your community, click here to start a conversation with Management Plus today!   

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