Ideas for Throwing an HOA Summer Party

Ideas for Throwing an HOA Summer Party

Grilling meat out on the grill

This summer is the perfect time to grow your relationships with your neighbors and form a closer bond with your community.  


The best way to ensure that your community stays intertwined and friendly is by throwing HOA events, parties, and socials this summer.  


There are many different ways to create festive gatherings in your community, but some options may be better for your community than others.  


This article will give you a few ideas for throwing an HOA Summer party that will keep your residents talking all summer long. 


Five Ideas for an Unforgettable HOA Summer Party 


July and August are the perfect months for a memorable HOA Summer Party. Here are the five best events that will be perfect for your community. 


Summer Cookouts 


Do you live in a grill-heavy neighborhood? Are burgers and hotdogs a staple in your part of town? Then the best summer gathering may be the simplest.  


Perfect for a summer evening (bonus points if it’s around the Fourth of July), a classic neighborhood cookout will bring your community together in the perfect way.  


You can even hold events like burger cookoffs to help get local residents involved and help them show off their personalities.  


Community Rummage Sales 


We all have old knick-knacks and curios cluttering up our homes. Why not help them find a new home with a community rummage sale? 


Rummage sales combine yard sales and flea markets to help residents sell off their old things while making a little bit of cash on the side.  


If you want to go big, you can even get some local merchants and vendors involved. Or you can use the money earned to donate to a local charitable cause. The opportunities are endless. 


Host an Outdoor Movie Night 


Everybody loves going to the movies, but what if you could go to the movies, right down the street? A community movie night can be the perfect way to bring members of the neighborhood together in a relaxed and calming environment.  


Choose a popular flick or an oldie. Either way all you need is a projector, an HDMI cable, and a flat wall (a spread-out sheet is optional).  


Host a Friday Night Work Out 


Fitness events are a great way to help the community stay active while also strengthening the bond between neighbors. Many of your residents are likely into fitness and this can be a great way for them to find new exercise partners and enjoy time in their neighborhood.  


Try hosting workout nights of different difficulty levels to ensure that everyone feels welcome.  


Try some of these options: 


  • Yoga in the park 

  • Water aerobics at the pool 

  • 5k fun run  


Whatever you do, just make sure that workout nights are accessible and fun for everyone. 


Community Art Market 


Art markets are an excellent way to showcase your community’s natural talents and give non-artist residents a fun day outside exploring the local culture.  


Contact local artists or bring some in from other communities.  


Encourage artists to sell paintings, furniture, jewelry, posters, photography, abstract art, and more. The boundaries are up to you!  


Management Plus Will Help You Make This Summer One to Remember 


This summer is the time to bring your community together. Throwing a memorable and fun get-together is the best way to do that. 


If your HOA needs help managing your community events, then it is time to reach out to Management Plus.  


At Management Plus, we understand that every community is unique, and because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to community management.  


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