How to find a Community in your Neighborhood

September 15, 2021
Image contains five hands on top of each other in a gesture of friendship. Above is text that reads "find a community in your neighborhood."

When moving into a new neighborhood, it can often be hard to find new friends in your area. Likewise, if you have lived in your neighborhood for some time and have yet to make meaningful connections with your neighbors, you may be feeling lonely or isolated. Either way, there are options to meet your neighbors and foster a community with those who live near you. 


This post will provide you with some quick tips and ideas for breaking into existing neighborhood communities, or if none exist, how to create new ones.  


Make Yourself Visible.  


If you haven’t met many of your neighbors, one of the easiest ways to change that is to make yourself more visible. Either hang out on your porch after work or create a space for yourself in your front yard. When your neighbors see you engaging in activities you enjoy, it will make it easier for them to engage with you.


Be Considerate of your Neighbors 


Make sure you avoid blasting loud music and always have your dog on a leash. Your neighbors may work odd hours and need to sleep in the day. And what is worse than an untethered dog running around the neighborhood and destroying your lawn? If your neighbors ask you to avoid certain behavior, make sure you do so if it is reasonable. This will show your neighbors that you respect them and their lifestyles.  


Rock Around the Block 


If your neighborhood already has an annual block party, make sure to attend. If not, consider organizing one. It can be a lot of work, but a block party is one of the best ways to make connections with your neighbors.  


Build a Little Library 


A little library in your front yard, a small box on a post containing books, is a great way to create community engagement. In addition, it can give your neighbors an idea of your taste in books and media.  


Community Garden 


Build or participate in your local community garden. A plot can cost a minimal fee and allows you to easily interact with your neighbors. In addition, you will meet people with a common interest as you and can allow you to grow fresh fruits and vegetables.  


Host a Backyard Movie Night 


All it takes is a white bed sheet, a projector, and a few outdoor chairs and you have yourself a movie theatre right in your backyard. Throwing a backyard movie is a great way to invite your neighbors to your home without forcing you to invite them into your home. 


Join a Neighborhood Group Chat 


There are many apps built for neighbors to connect. Check the Nextdoor app to see if your neighbors have an already established community. This can be a great way to introduce yourself and become a familiar face in your community.  


Establish a Neighborhood Watch 


A neighborhood can be a great way to keep your community safe. Not only that it will give you firsthand access to other like-minded individuals. Also, watch shifts often come with a partner. A neighborhood watch can be a great way to connect with a neighbor while also keeping your community safe.  


Shop Locally 


Shopping at locally owned stores is a great way to meet local business owners and meet neighbors who also are concerned for the local economy. What better place to meet members of your community than a community store? 


Give Gifts to Neighbors during the Holidays 


One of the best ways to gain respect and admiration from your neighbors is to give them gifts during their holiday traditions. You can make a neighbor feel welcome if you give them a gift on a holiday you do not celebrate. It lets them know that you value them as a member of the community and respect their culture and traditions.  


Create a Local Tool-Sharing Program 


Check to see if your neighborhood already has a tool-sharing program in place. If not, start one! Not only will it allow you to cut down on the number of tools you need, but it also gives you an excuse to share your projects and passions with your neighbors. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an extra hand on a project. 


Make your Neighborhood a Community 


It certainly isn’t easy to make friends, especially if you are new to a city or state. The best way is to look at those around you. Your neighbors often share the same passions and lifestyle that you do and because of this they often make ideal friends.  


Having trouble getting your neighborhood to feel like a community? Reach out to Management Plus! They have over 100 years of collective experience in making your neighborhood feel like home.