How Community Managers Can Create a Safe, Harmonious Summer

How Community Managers Can Create a Safe, Harmonious Summer

kids swimming in a pool

Summer is the time for making memories, having fun, and spending time outside. However, some people's ideas of fun clashes with others.  


While some people may want to throw raucous parties all summer long, others may want to listen to the bird's chirp in peace and quiet.  


As a community manager, it is your job to enforce the rules and find a balance that makes everyone happy.  


Since summer is such an active time, it is also important to be aware of and take action to prevent hazards.  


Community rules and regulations help cut down on excessive accidents and complaints, but the community manager must take it a step further. 


This post will go over how a community association manager can make sure that their community is safe and harmonious for all residents this summer.  


Better Community Association Management Starts with You 


Proper and thoughtful community association management is no easy feat. It takes effort, dedication, and forethought. Read below to get the best tips for keeping your community safe and happy this summer. 


Focus on Water Safety 


The weather is warm, schools are out of session, and many people will want to take the first dip of the year.  


However, with swimming comes inherent danger.  


Young children (especially those aged one to four years) are at a high risk of drowning if proper precautions are not taken.  


Here are some steps you can take: 


  • Make sure each body of water in your community (ponds, lakes, pools, and more) have clear, visibly posted rules on display.  

  • Regularly check and test your safety equipment and update gear when needed. 

  • Provide guidelines for all homeowners, especially those who have pools.  

  • Recommend swim lessons for all community members. You can even see if you can offer swim lessons at your community pool.  

  • Set up designated lifeguard hours, where residents can swim with a lifeguard present. 


Set Rules for Fireworks 


Fireworks and other pyrotechnics are fun, beautiful, and a great way to spread joy and cheer. However, if not properly regulated, they can be an annoyance, and even cause significant harm. 


Sparks and embers from fireworks can damage roofs, singe structures, and even start blazes in dry grass.  


Make sure your community has clear guidelines on fireworks and that any violations are punished.  


In neighborhoods where fireworks are banned, these can be great alternatives. 


  • Throw a light show or display on community grounds 

  • Host a movie night on a projector and big screen 

  • Have a community block party or barbeque 


Keep Your Community Civil 


Your residents will have different ideas of what makes a fun summer.  


If you want to avoid settling arguments all summer long, then it is best to communicate with your residents clearly what you expect from them during the summer.  


Go over rules and make sure all residents understand what they can and cannot do.  


That way anyone who violates rules will not be able to default on ignorance.  


Encourage Sustainability 


Summer is the warmest season and that means many homes will have their air conditioning running for months at a time.  


However, A/C isn't the only energy eater you have to worry about. Energy consumption will skyrocket across the board.  


Here are a few things you can encourage to keep energy consumption low.  


  • Encourage tenants to naturally dry laundry. Be sure that your HOA rules allow clotheslines. If they do, outdoor drying is an excellent way to cut down on energy consumption.  

  • Inspect sprinklers and irrigation systems. Make sure that your residents are using their water responsibly and that their systems are in working order. Make sure that sprinkler systems do not have leaks and that residents are not excessively watering.
  • Replace A/C filters. Make sure your residents are replacing their A/C filters regularly. Dirty filters can force HVAC systems to have to work harder to ensure that the air temperature is ideal. Also, encourage homeowners to check their vents and insulation for leaks as they can sap homes of their comfortable air. 


A Stronger Community Makes for a Better Summer for Everyone 


Summer is a great time to strengthen community bonds and enjoy community facilities. However, with improper management, the warmest season can quickly spiral out of control. 


Thoughtful community management ensures that there are clear rules for summer fun so that all residents can enjoy their time out in the sun.  


If your community could use a boost in excellent community management, then it may be time to reach out to Management Plus.  


At Management Plus, we understand that community starts with the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to community management. You deserve community management that is as unique as your community. 


When you are ready to take the next step, reach out to Management Plus!