Common HOA Pet Ownership Rules

Common HOA Pet Ownership Rules

May 30, 2022  |  Community, HOA Tips
A owner walking their dog

Many people dream of adding a new cat or dog to their family. However, most do not consider their HOA’s rules and regulations.  


Puppies and kittens are adorable and fun, but they are a lot of work too. Not only do you have to put in the work it takes to raise an animal, but you also must keep them in line with your community’s regulations.  


The easiest way to get acquainted with your community’s pet rules is simply by asking your association’s management or board members for clarification. You can also consult the community charter if one is available to you.  


However, before you start asking questions, you might want a strong base of knowledge first. Otherwise, you may be considering moving to a new home and want to become familiar with various HOA pet rules.  


In this post, we will go over some of the most common HOA pet rules, whether you are looking to adopt a dog, cat, or another type of pet.  


Pet Rules You Should Know 


Every HOA has its own unique rules regarding pets and pet ownership. Never assume that you know the rules of your community. 


Some HOAs have no restrictions, and some do not allow pets at all. Know the rules of your community before you make a decision that results in heartache.  


Here are some of the most common HOA pet rules.  


Weight and Breed Restrictions 


Some breeds are more dangerous or destructive than others. This is especially true with dogs, but it can apply to other more exotic pets too.  


Your HOA may have bans on dog breeds such as pit bulls, cane corsos, rottweilers, or other big dogs.  


Weight restrictions might be in place too. Animals over a certain weight may not be allowed due to their risk for violent attacks.  


This can be a problem for rescue dogs in particular as they often are at least partially breeds that are banned.  


Keep in mind that there may also be limits on the number of pets you can own. Too many dogs or cats on one property can be cause for concern for your neighbors. 


Registration and Vaccines 


Your pets need to be registered and up to date on all vaccines. This is true whether you live in an HOA or not.  


However, beyond county registration, you will likely need to register your pet with your HOA as well.  


This usually involves an application process, proof of vaccination, and possible breed verification.  


Your HOA needs to keep track of pets and alert owners if their pet violates rules or damages property.  


Keep in mind that some HOAs may not allow outdoor cats as well or may require fenced-in yards for dog ownership.  


Finally, keep your pets’ records in a safe place should your HOA need to review them.  


Miscellaneous Infractions 


Keep in mind that negative pet behavior may cause you to incur infractions or fines.  


The most common infractions revolve around failure to pick up your dog’s waste and walking your dog without a leash.  


Leashes are generally required for most neighborhoods, but some HOAs have designated off-leash areas. Be sure to check, some HOAs are more lenient than others.  


Also, be sure to remember that owners are liable for their pet's actions. If your dog chews up public property, or your cat is notorious for clawing your neighbors' porches, you will have to pay for damages.  


Most HOAs have liability clauses in their contracts, so any fines you receive will be legally binding.  


Happier Pets and Better Communities 


Your HOA has rules in place for a reason. Regulations make your community a happier and more welcoming place for all members.  


You may not always understand or agree with the rules on pet ownership, but they are in place to ensure that the community is fair for everyone.  


If your HOA does allow pet ownership, be sure to follow the rules in place. A pet owner that repeatedly sidesteps rules and ignores regulations gives other pet owners a bad reputation.  


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