Campaign Signs in an HOA: What to Know This Election Season

Campaign Signs in an HOA What to Know This Election Season

Campaign Signs in an HOA What to Know This Election Season

As election season approaches, campaign signs are a common sight as people want to support their preferred candidate.  

However, they can also be a source of controversy among your Homeowners Association (HOA) community members due to differences in values and opinions. While showing support for a candidate is a fundamental right, there are certain guidelines your HOA must follow to ensure a fair and orderly election process within your community.  

Campaign signs have been a hot topic of debate within many HOAs due to different perspectives on where and how they will allow their community members to display signs. 

Some HOA communities have strict regulations in place, while others have more lenient policies. Therefore, it is essential for you to be aware of the regulations that your HOA community has in place this election cycle.  

In this article, we will explain why your HOA community may have campaign sign regulations and what those regulations could be.  

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Why Do Campaign Sign Regulations Exist in HOA Communities?  


Although HOA community campaign regulations can be seen as frustrating for individuals, they exist for several reasons.  

Below, we have explained four reasons your HOA may uphold campaign sign regulations this election year.  


  1. Regulations aim to maintain the aesthetic appeal and property values of your neighborhood. It is quite common for an HOA community to have specific standards and guidelines in place to ensure that the area remains visually appealing and attractive to potential buyers. Campaign signs, which can be large, prominent, and potentially unsightly, may detract from the overall appeal of the neighborhood.

  2. Another reason your community may enforce campaign rules is to avoid conflicts and disputes among residents. Elections and political campaigns can be highly divisive, and allowing residents to display campaign signs may lead to tensions within the community. By implementing rules and restrictions, your HOA can help maintain a sense of harmony and prevent such conflicts from arising.

  3. There are concerns about safety issues related to campaign signs. Large and obstructive signs might block visibility, increasing the risk of accidents or hazards, particularly in areas with heavy foot or vehicle traffic. Implementing regulations on the size, placement, and duration of campaign signs can help ensure the safety of residents and visitors in the community.

  4. Campaign sign rules serve to protect the privacy and individual rights of residents. Not everyone wants their personal political beliefs or affiliations to be publicly displayed. By setting limits on the presence of campaign signs, your HOA can respect the privacy and individual preferences of residents. 
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Common Campaign Sign Rules in an HOA  


There are several campaign sign rules that your community may uphold. We suggest you contact your HOA board to ensure that you can stay compliant and feel free to express your political affiliations.  

Here are some common rules to familiarize yourself with:  


1. Size restrictions:  


The size of signs may be restricted to avoid them being overly dominant or visually disruptive. Typically, signs must be within a specified size range, usually no larger than a certain square foot. 


2. Placement limitations:  


Your community may designate specific areas where campaign signs are allowed. These areas may include personal yards, communal areas, or designated signposts. Residents are usually prohibited from placing signs on common property, such as fences, utility poles, or streets. 


3. Time restrictions:  


Specific time limits during which campaign signs are permitted may be restricted. This confirms that signs are not displayed for excessive periods, maintaining the community's appearance. For example, signs may only be allowed within a certain number of weeks leading up to an election. 


4. Removal deadlines:  


Prompt removal may be required after the election or campaign period has concluded. This prevents signs from lingering and cluttering the community long after the event is over. 


5. Content regulations:  


While HOAs respect residents' freedom of expression, there may be limitations on the type of content allowed on campaign signs. Such regulations may prohibit offensive or defamatory language or any content that violates community standards. 


Management Plus Can Advise Your Community 


At Management Plus, we understand the challenges and complexities surrounding the election season. 

We are here to provide guidance and advice to your community, helping community members effectively express their political beliefs while also staying compliant with campaign sign regulations. 

Our team is knowledgeable about the various rules and regulations that govern the placement and display of campaign signs. We can assist your community in understanding these regulations and ensuring that they are followed, avoiding any potential violations or conflicts. 

With our guidance, your community can create an environment where individuals feel empowered to express their political beliefs, while also maintaining a respectful and compliant atmosphere.  

We can work with your community leaders to develop clear guidelines and procedures for the placement and removal of campaign signs, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard without causing disruption or controversy. 

Our goal is to help your community navigate the challenges of election season with ease and grace.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your community in staying compliant with campaign sign enforcement. Click here to start the conversation today!   

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