A Guide to Community Association Managers and What They Do

A Guide to Community Association Managers and What They Do

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Maintaining a functional community is no easy task. It takes a whole team of people committed to consistent progress to ensure that a community will meet its goals. 


One of the most important leaders in your community is the community association manager.  


The community manager is a highly skilled professional who accomplishes specific tasks to help take some of the burdens from the volunteer community board members. Their two main duties are to carry out the policies set by the board and manage the association’s daily operations.  


In this post, we will take a closer look at who the community association manager is and how they help your community. 


Who is the Community Manager? 


Community managers play a huge role in ensuring that your community meets the goals of the board members and the needs of the homeowners. 


Community managers have a deep set of skills when it comes to management, finances, accounting, business, and other necessary responsibilities. They are paid employees who generally do not live in the community they manage (unlike board members). 


The best managers have certifications and accreditations so when you are on the lookout for new management, always be sure to check for education and experience. 


What does a Community Manager Do? 


Since they are paid employees and have expertise in many different areas, the responsibilities of the community manager are all-encompassing. 


They deal with disagreements between neighbors, pest outbreaks, and even utility damage or collapse. However, the specific responsibilities of community managers will vary from association to association so no two community managers will have the same job.  


Here are a few key roles you can expect a community manager to fill: 


General Administration 


  • Answering calls and emails for board members, homeowners, and vendors. 

  • Documentation and maintenance records 

  • Update information in the community database 

  • Distribute violations and notices to homeowners 

  • Keep track of reservations and bookings 

  • Attend meetings and take minutes 

  • Screen prospective owners and compile applications 

  • Review proposals with board members 




  • Enforce association rules and regulations 

  • Follow up on homeowner reports and complaints 

  • Resolve conflicts between homeowners, board members, and vendors 

  • Schedule and perform monthly inspections 

  • Process work orders 

  • Gather bids for upcoming projects and present them to the board 




  • Regularly check to make sure amenities are working properly 

  • Handle vendor contracts and contract negotiation
  • Schedule maintenance and repair 

  • Communicate with service providers 

  • Provide keys and access to shared spaces 


Accounting and Finance 


  • Collect and processing, assessments, and vendor payment 

  • Handle community funds and finance 

  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports 

  • Advise board members on financial matters 

  • File tax returns 

  • Communicate with the association’s attorney 

  • Keep track of government regulations to ensure the association is in line with laws 


Insurance and Loans 


  • Track insurance coverage and deductibles 

  • Document property assets and their values 

  • Handle special assessments and loans 

  • Prepare documents for loan applications 


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