Top Tech Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

Top Tech Tools Every Homeowner Must Have

May 2, 2022  |  Community, Property Tips
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Whether your home is undergoing major renovations, or you simply want to be prepared in case of urgent repairs, if you own a home you need to be up to date on the latest tools.  


Technology has greatly impacted how we view home maintenance. It is no longer enough to rely on your home systems staying in shape, every homeowner must use their skills and expertise to prevent major breakdowns before they occur.  


One of the best ways to ensure that you are maximizing your efforts and that your projects are running efficiently is by familiarizing yourself with the latest tools for in-home repair.  


In this post, we will go over five cutting-edge tools that use the latest technology.  


Use These Tools to Become a Home Repair Wiz 


If you are ready to take the next step in your home repair and maintenance journey, consider investing in the following tools.  


Wall Scanner 


One of the biggest roadblocks in the way of home construction is dangerous structural conditions that are obstructed from view. No matter how much time you spend preparing and planning, if something is amiss inside the wall, you will be halted in your tracks.  


That’s where the wall scanner comes in. It sees what you cannot by looking through your wall and detecting any dangerous damages, out-of-place studs, or other miscellaneous hazards.  


Infrared Thermal Imager 


Have you ever wondered where your heat is leaking out? Or maybe you're concerned about heat from faulty wiring? When you have an infrared thermal imager at your disposal you can immediately identify any heat-related issues, track down leaks, and save yourself majorly on energy costs.  


There are many infrared devices to choose from, ranging from the thermometer temperature gun to the more traditional infrared imager.  


Stand-Up Weeder 


No more hunching over or bending your wrist at awkward angles to remove weeds from your yard. Stand-up weeders allow you to de-weed your yard from a natural standing position. It’s easy to grip, clean, and ergonomically correct to ensure that weed whacking is a breeze.  


Cordless Electrical Cutter 


This lightweight, the electrical tool will tempt you to throw out your old pair of scissors. This tool fits in the palm of your hand and stores power in an internal battery to remove the need for a power cord. It can fit in a toolbox or junk drawer and has the power to handle jobs that scissors and boxcutters cannot.  


 Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool 


There are many uses for this inflatable shim. From holding a window open to your desired height to propping up a door during installation, the inflatable shim is light, sturdy, and durable.  


You can even level heavy appliances and many models can support up to 300 pounds.  


Become a Tech-Savvy Homeowner 


While nothing is stopping you from doing a home repair with the same tools your grandfather used, modern-day tools are designed to save you time and energy.  


Don’t rely on trial and error. Use modern technology to your advantage to stop problems before they arise.  


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